Minelab X-Terra 305

Manufacturer: MINELAB

Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector
with Treasure Hunting Accessories!
Powered with NEW VFLEX Technology, exclusively from Minelab.
Creating a New Class of Single Frequency (VFLEX) detectors.

Choosing the Minelab X-Terra 305 is choosing simple Perfection that will reward you time and time again. Trust your Senses and Let the Minelab
X-Terra 305.Do the Rest!

VFLEX technology uses state of the art digital and mixed-signal components to enhance standard single frequency technology replacing most of the analogue circuitry with digital signal processing. The small amount of analogue circuitry still employed has been very carefully designed and calibrated to obtain the outstanding sensitivity, stability and repeatability required to match the performance of the processing in the digital domain.

Length Maximum 56in (1420mm)
Minimum  48in (1220mm)
Configuration  Shaft mounted
Technology  VFLEX
Transmit Frequency  Single  Frequency (7.5 kHz)
Ground Rejection  Ground Balance,  (0-20)
Batteries  4 x AA Alkaline or NiHM/Nicad
Coil Frequency Options 1 (standard 7.5kHz)
Weight (including batteries) 2.9lbs. (1.3kg)
Arm Rest  
Detector Stand  
User Functions  
Custom Selection Discrimination  YES    Steps of 4 (-5 to 25)
Saved Discrimination Patterns 3
Learn Function (Accept/Reject) NO
Edit Function Targets YES
Auto Noise Cancel (Scanning) NO
Manual Noise Control NO
User Saved Settings (audio, tones etc) NO
Response Target ID, Tone (4)
Recovery No Motion Pinpoint (audio & visual)
Optional Accessories  
Carry Bags, Rain Covers Durable cordura with window
Control Box  3 years
Coil 3 years