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Sun Ray Detector Electronics is proud to announce our new Invader™ series of aftermarket accessories for White's metal detectors! The new Sun Ray Invader XL-1 Target Probe has been developed to satisfy the pinpointing and retrieval needs of XLT and other users with models operating with 6.592 khz. We have received many requests for in-line target probes by White's and other detector brand users for several years due to the popularity of our quality in-line probes for the Minelab Explorer and Sovereign/Elite. Now White's owners can enjoy the same benefits a quality Sun Ray in-line probe has to offer! Here are some of the features of the XL-1:

  • Fully compatible with both XLT and models using 6.592 khz! The XL-1 is precision built to ensure peak performance on those models!
  • Accurate "Bullseye" pinpointing on coin size targets up to 3"+ deep depending on detector used, settings, ground and moisture conditions!
  • Light weight, waterproof/submersible 6" X 1" diameter probe mounts on top of upper shaft (which has been very popular among Explorer users). XL-1 probe and cable weigh approx. 6 oz. XL-1 switch box, connectors,  cable and two probe clips, etc. weigh approx. 5 oz. - approx. 10 oz total! (Optional box mount probe clip attachment available for those wishing to mount probe along side of detector control housing - presently available for the slim-line control boxes like the XLT, IDX Pro, etc).

  • While the XL-1 probe is waterproof the switch box is water resistant and must not be submersed. (We use the same connectors as White's.)

  • XL-1 incorporates all of the same functions as the stock coil including accurate visual and audible target ID (if the detector model provides those functions) along with identical pinpoint functions!

  • High quality custom made, durable probe and connector cable used with identical specifications as White's cable for precision performance! (NOTE: Probe now available in either partially coiled or straight cable (less tangles).

  • Quality high performance toggle switch used for peak performance! (Minimum 100,000 mechanical life operation-as described in manufacturer's specs) 

  • Toggle switch shuts off coil as it turns probe on and vise versa. Coil and probe are never on at the same time.

  • XL-1 switch box is conveniently mounted on detector pole attachment in a neutral position (for both right and left hand users) and to prevent toggle from being accidentally switched or bumped by user or damaged by tree limbs, brush, etc. if switch box is brushed or hit during detecting.

  • No external buzzers, vibrators or lights are needed as all target responses are heard clearly through your detector headphones!

  • No extra batteries required as the XL-1 utilizes the detectors power source. 


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