Tesoro Cortes

Manufacturer: TESORO

The Cortés represents the best combination of current and new technologies that Tesoro has to offer.

The first thing that you will notice is the control box and battery holder configuration. The µMax housing was just not big enough to hold the new circuit board so we moved the batteries down under the arm bracket and increased the size of the box slightly. This allows us to use a 12 volt system to work with the demands of the target ID circuitry. It also gave us the ability to put a 2¼" speaker on the Cortés. This will give better and louder target signals in the field.

All of these new features below are complimented by Tesoro's easy to use controls. No touch pads or scroll through menus. Set the detector how you like it by adjusting the knobs on the front of the machine. The Cortés features an On/Off Sensitivity knob; a Discriminate Level knob; a Manual Ground Balance knob; a Mode Switch with All Metal, Discriminate and Sum mode settings; a Notch Width switch with Off, Narrow and Wide settings and a Light switch to control the LCD backlight with a High, Low, and Off positions.

The Cortés fits into a package that weighs just less than three pounds (including the batteries!) and is covered under Tesoro's Lifetime Warranty. The Tesoro Cortés makes target ID easy and fun.

  Microprocessor Controls
  Digital Target ID
  9 Segment Bar Graph
  Two Digit ID Number
  Coin Depth and Battery Level Indicators
  Multiple Tone ID
  Notch Filter Discrimination
  Preset or Manual Ground Balance
  VLF 10Khz Frequency
  Drop In Battery Packs
  Interchargeable Coils
  Less Than 3lbs With Batteries
  9x8 Coil
  Lifetime Warranty