Tesoro Tiger Shark

Manufacturer: TESORO

*The Tiger Shark is currently the wired model*

The Tiger Shark uses microprocessor technology to create a true dual function machine. In Normal Mode, the Tiger Shark works like any other Tesoro detector. It uses the same great ground balance and discrimination features that made the Bandido series so successful. On land, the Tiger Shark can be used for coin and relic hunting and even gold prospecting. By using the four controls on the outside, you can fine tune your detector to handle whatever conditions you are working in.

Working in the wet salt areas is where the Tiger Shark outshines the land detectors. In land conditions, the most crucial adjustment is using the ground balance to tune out mineralization. In wet salt conditions, changes in the conductivity in the sand cause most of the problems. The Tiger Shark uses a completely different set of internal settings in the SALT Mode than in the NORM Mode. There are no special controls or techniques to remember.

  Hard wired coil
  12 kHz Frequency
  Normal & Salt Operating Modes
  Waterproof to 200 feet
  Built-in Headphones
  Ground Balance Control
  Expanded Discrimination
  8" Waterproof Coil
  Lifetime Warranty