Diggin South Jersey 2017

Joe DeMarco at

I would like to thank all those that made it to an Epic Event.

John Moyer w/his display, Debbie Smikoski from Minelab Metal detector, Jocelyn Elizabeth with Garrett, The White's field team (Edward Cropski, Frankie Buonanno, D.j. Yost) George Lescheand Pamela Lesche of Predator Tools. Kent Davis and Wendy Reid Davis of Dirt digging PA. John Mainiero MindFX. And all those that donated time and prizes.
And all those that came out to make this event a success.

And I cannot forget in crime with this event DA Frank Lopergolo, Gene Hogan, Joe Farrell, Jay Cook

Special Thanks to my wife Julie DeMarco for putting up with me, and my family coming out for support Donna M. Chillari-Branch, Allison Jengehino and Jenna DeMarco.

Hope this is the start of something Epic Annually.Thank YouMINELAB AT DSJ