Metal Detectors New Jersey

Metal-detecting New Jersey provides amazing opportunities for detectorists, due to its long and rich history. Coins dating back hundreds of years, objects of historical significance from colonial times, gold and silver jewelry, and more are frequently found along the Jersey shore. NJ beaches are combed through all seasons with metal detectors of various types, especially those intended for beach and surf detecting.

Of course, New Jersey boasts many other types of terrain, rich for other types of metal detecting. This includes dry land, fresh water, forests, and more.

Due to it's location along the coast, New Jersey is oftentimes subject to intense weather, such as the recent Hurricane Sandy, not to mention Nor'easters and other storms. These events are often disasterous to the local population. In no recent event has this been more evident as in Sandy, due to the tragic loss of life, and immense damage to property and the environment.

Despite the horrible effects to the local area,  storms such as these do lead to massive changes to the beaches and shoreline, in the manner of upheaving sand dunes, transforming geographical features such as marshes, lakes, and sandbars. This re-arranging of local geography often provides new opportunities for metal detectorists to discover long buried historical objects, coins, and jewelry all along New Jersey beaches and shoreline.

Here is a video recently featured on Minelab.TV, showing a gold ring found on a New Jersey beach by a metal-detectorist in November 2012 post-Sandy.

This video from Ledger Live shows some of the metal detector finds discovered on the Jersey Shore post-Sandy.

Violent storms also have the effect of shifting and resettling the sand from the ocean floor, bringing new opportunities to wreck divers, and hunters with underwater detectors.